PABX and Telephone Solutions

A telephone system plays a crucial role in any business. PABX telephone systems are amongst the most popular options for most businesses. A business PABX phone solution is the conduit through which the outside world interacts with your company. For this reason, it is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure inside any business. The PABX automated system allows everything to work automatically, reducing expenses and saving time. Newer PABX systems eliminate the need for multiple telephone lines. A huge advantage is the flexibility factor as the network can be upsized or downsized without affecting the system’s performance.

VoIP Incorporation
The system has been further developed with the emergence of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Included in the system is the so-called SIP Trunking. The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows one to use the VoIP service outside of the office, all through an internet connection. With SIP, you are able to connect to a standard PTSN and various mobile phone networks without any ISDN lines. This effectively means that phone calls can take place through a network and will be cheaper. SIP allows you to use your old phone system with the added advantages of VoIP services. Operating through the advanced VoIP platform, you can perfectly integrate your various business services for optimal productivity. We offer onsite PABXs from leading manufacturers and Cloud Hosted Virtual PABX solutions with full support, maintenance and services. Cost effective solutions and improving efficiency of the client’s workforce are our priority when proposing solutions. Our call rates are amongst the most competitive.